Copper Smokey Eye.

My makeup skills in the eye department are seriously lacking, and to that end I'm a massive fan of the simpler the better motto. When it comes to the whole shadow thing, I'm all over the whole one shade smudged all over the lid thang; it's quick, easy to master and simple enough for my poor blending abilities to cope with. And there's one palette I've been lucky enough to get a sneak preview of this month where every single shade perfectly fits the bill - the Zoeva Rose Gold Palette. 

My favourite shade in the lineup - Copper is King - is a warm metallic copper that blends out beautifully over the lid (with the help of my Zoeva Crease Brush) to a cooler, almost burgundy tone, giving the impression that you've gone to a lot more trouble with the shades than you actually have. The formula of the shadows are great - extremely pigmented and blendable and all the colours, apart from the green, which I'm going to have to work out a more subtle way of using, are really wearable and pretty on the lids. 

I decided to crack out this palette to do my makeup before a party the other day (so sorry the photos aren't close-ups but I hope you get the idea - I'm the one in the middle for those of you who don't know), and with my wash of smokey colour covered, the rest of my makeup looked a little like this:

NYX Taupe (as a contour) 
MAC Hue (thanks Beth;)) 

Smudged out smokey perfection, this palette is out soon, so sorry for the teaser, but I'd definitely recommend you getting your hands when it does - definitely not one to miss out on! 

Correcting Perfecting Powder.

Powders have had a makeover. No longer are they the heavily mattifying things that you use begrudgingly only when you know you are going to need your makeup to last forever; they're changing for the better. Skin-perfecting, colour correcting and brightening injecting - you name it - they're doing it all nowadays and there's one that has particularly stolen my heart recently.

Enter the Bobbi Brown Finishing Powder in Porcelain Pearl, a new release for the new year as part of their Brighten, Sparkle and Glow collection and perfect for a fresh and glowy spring appropriate look. From the very first look you can tell it's going to be special. A palette made up of six pastel shades, each one of them correcting certain tones, green for redness, pink for blue shadows, etc they are designed to be applied all together all over the face with a big fluffy brush to blur perfections and add a nice glow. 

When you swatch it on your finger it looks like a white, pearly powder, as the name would suggest and once applied to the skin it does a great job of blending everything out and making your skin appear much more perfected. The effect is subtle and adds a little glow, but it's definitely a product better suited to those of us whether fairer skin tones as I don't know how much it would show on those who are darker. Housed in a luxurious Bobbi Brown compact this is definitely a beautiful luxury item and one that would make a perfect gift or addition to your collection - maybe not quite a necessity though. 

For those searching for something similar but a little cheaper, I've seen a couple of people say that this one from ELF is a good alternative, but it obviously won't have the same luxury factor, you can pick up this powder from the Bobbi Brown Makeup Section at Harrods.

What do you think of this, could it be the powder to convert you?


A lot of you have probably already seen, but UNSTITCHEDD has had a new facelift and I wanted to do a post to tell you all about it. I've been wanting to redesign this little slice of the web for a while now, after growing bored with the old design, as I just didn't feel that it was working for me anymore, but thinking of a new direction to take it proved very difficult. When Chaitra from PinkPot (who I'm sure many of you already know and love - if not, check her out!) contacted me asking if I wanted any help, I leapt at the chance and little by little it turned into a whole blog makeover, rather than a few little tweaks which we both thought it would be at the beginning! I can't thank her enough for the patience that she has shown me, coping with my (possibly quite demanding) view of how I wanted it to be, but I love how all the little touches that she added and how it has all come together. THANK YOU CHAITRA! 

I would describe the design as minimalistic with a few quirky and arty twists, which suits me down to a tee and I could be happier to have this new home on the web and I'm hoping that it will help me turn a new leaf and get reinspired with blogging. So much has changed since my last design, and I couldn't be happier with the progress that this little blog has made, from improving my own skills such as photography to getting offered some amazing opportunities, but of course, I couldn't have done any of it with you, whose constant support has served as amazing inspiration. Chaitra has set up a shop selling these designs, which I'm so excited about for her and I'll be sure to tell you can find it here - definitely go and check it out! 

I really hope you like the new design, and I'm thinking of selling my old one, so please get in touch if you want it ( 


When it comes to foundations, I rarely change it up. In fact, I think I've only probably had a total of three foundations that have actually been used multiple times and it takes a lot for an outsider to even get a look in. But, the newly released Clarins Everlasting Foundation + has somehow worked its way into the ranks and is now even an everyday contender.

There are so many things I think are important when testing out a new foundation, colour, formula and texture, price, spy - the list goes on... But to make this a more concise review I thought today I'd split it up and give you my thoughts on each of the individual sections that matter most to me.

Colour: My winter skin has got incredibly pale, so 103 Ivory is the shade that I'm currently using. It's pale, yes, but doesn't make me seem dead which I'm very grateful for, and it matches my skin tone and neck perfectly. One of the greatest pros of this foundation is definitely the shade range - from light to dark, they've got you covered unlike many of the drugstore brands I often favour for the price. And for those of you who can't find the perfect match, there's always the option of mixing.

Formula/Texture: This foundation has the typical Clarins smell to it - very fresh and reminds me of cucumbers or watermelons so for those wary of scent this may be one to stay away from - although it does quickly die down. The actual foundation feels lovely and silky on the skin, and it super blendable. I'd describe the coverage that it gives as medium but the finish is so natural (and ever so slightly glowy) you can hardly tell you have anything on at all. The foundation is oil-free, so perfect for those who are naturally a little oilier, but I personally think this would work really well on dry skins too!

Extra Details: This foundation comes in a lovely matte bottle with a pump (hooray!) and retails at £27.50 per bottle (boo!). It contains and SPF 15 which is great for both everyday wear and going out and lasts well on the skin, even looking better with time.

Definitely one to think about if you're willing to take the investment - what do you think of this?

MAC Giveaway.

MAC Lipsticks are one of the most classic of all and so what better to offer in a giveaway for fellow beauty lovers. There are so many shades, and something to suit everyone so I thought in celebration of hitting 4,000 followers a couple of weeks ago - a fact that still seems absolutely crazy to me - I would offer the winner two MAC lipsticks of their choice, a bold and a nude (two shades every girl needs to own), to either complement or start a little collection.

All you have to do is enter is use the Rafflecopter widget below, the giveaway is open internationally - good luck!

Display Purposes.

I've been on the hunt for Muji type storage for a while now, and after clearing out my lipstick collection I finally decided to take the plunge and a buy a dupe from online. I found that I just wasn't using enough of the products that I have due to them being in drawers where I couldn't really see them properly, and the whole set up just wasn't working for me. Plus, when the bullets look as stunning as they do, why not double them up as a display piece too?! 

Now, all my lip products are firmly in my immediate field of vision when I do my makeup and I'm definitely using them all a lot more. The actual quality of the stand is really good and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone wanting the Muji style storage without the (slightly ridiculous) price tag that comes with it - this one only cost me about £5! A win-win situation all around I think, what about you, do you like this type of storage?