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27 November 2013

I must admit, I'm partial to a bit of beauty reading, bet you didn't expect me to throw that curveball at you, heh? and when I'm not reading my favourite blogs online, you can probably find me flicking through the pages of a solid beauty bible. So I thought that I would share my top 3 with you. 

Lauren Conrad, Beauty - She hands down wins the most enviable hair award, so how could I not want to know her secrets. The style is very reminiscent of The Beauty Department with step-by-step guides on creating some of her signature looks and nail art too, and whilst it may not be the most informative of reads, its definitely a lovely one to flick through. Also worth an honourable mention is her Style book which is presented in much the same format as this. 

The Art of Makeup - This has to be may favourite of the lot, it covers it all from high fashion looks and how to create them on clients, to the most simple of makeup tricks. The photos are all stunning, and whilst some of them may be a little too out-there to even dream about attempting, it does offer great advice and teaches you the basis of makeup application. 

Bryant, Fashion Drawing; Illustration Techniques for Fashion Designers - Whilst not strictly a 'beauty' book, I thought this one deserved a mention as I have found it so useful over the years. As many of you probably know, art is one of my favourite subjects at school and I am really interested in fashion design and have therefore incorporated it a lot into my projects. This book has served as a really informative guide which offers a lot of information, but with lots of pictures and diagrams too, so it doesn't look too daunting! I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about fashion illustration. 

And on my wish list ... Jemma Kidd Makeup Secrets, Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual, Francois Nars Make Up Your Mind, Express Yourself , Alexa Chung It



  1. Everyone keeps telling me I need to buy / read Lauren Conrad's book, seems to be the most popular of the lot! Best of luck with fashion design, I was useless with textiles but loved photographing everyones work when we were at uni xo

  2. Lauren Conrad's "Beauty" book is in my wishlist! ♥

  3. This is so lovely !

  4. This sounds really interesting! I always end up flipping through Lauren Conrad's book at Barnes and Noble but I haven't actually bought it yet! Lovely post xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  5. Aw, I love Lauren Conrad's two books and style ..<3


  6. Lauren writes the best books, so helpful and the lay-out is so clean. Just love them :)

    xo Mel
    Selfhelp | Inspiration | Positivity

  7. Oh wow! you have such a really nice blog! :)

  8. ohh... i must say that i loved your blog at once! we are in the same age and i can't believe that your blog and style is so wonderful and i liked it so much! ♥ This post is really inspiring to make a wishlist as for me and thanks of you i just must have Lauren Conrad book! ;)
    followed you of course :*

    Dots & Laces

  9. 'The art of makeup' sounds like a goon un'! Might have to keep my eyes peeled for that, it sounds right up my street :)

    Sharlotte xxx

  10. I'd LOVE to read Lauren Conrads book, might just purchase one myself, ha! x

  11. i have only got the bobbi brown book and i dont love it may i add that the latern in the photo is so cute

  12. such a lovely post

    keep in touch,

  13. I really enjoy reading Lauren Conrad's site! It's always got pretty good articles on there :)

    Hannah xx

  14. Really want the Alexa Chung book! x


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